The Importance of Professional Sports Translation

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The sport industry requires a wide variety of translation techniques. Professional sports translators must be familiar with sport-specific jargon, safety compliance, international quality standards, and confidentiality. Trusted Translations provides top-tier sports translation services that ensure our clients’ projects meet the highest levels of quality and integrity. Our teams of interpreters are ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to find out how we can help. Whether you need a sports translation for your company or for an upcoming sporting event, we can help.


A good sports translation necessitates an understanding of the nuances that exist between languages. It also requires an appreciation of the importance of pronunciation for comprehension. Pronunciation is a noun, but it is often misspelled as pronounce (pro-NOUN-shun). It is important not to confuse this word with the verb pronounce, since pronunciation is considered standard and the spelling is more in keeping with its meaning.

In order to deliver the best possible translation services for your sports-related content, Trusted Translations can provide you with professional and cost-effective solutions. Our team meets international quality standards and maintains confidentiality for all your translation projects.


As the world of sports continues to expand to new audiences, high-quality sports translation is vital to bringing this global sport to multilingual viewers. Trusted Translations provides expert sports translation services for international broadcasters, sports organizations, and teams around the globe.

Our highly-qualified team of linguists is skilled in the use of sports-specific terminology, so that we can provide clear and concise sports translations. Cricket has its ‘googly’, basketball has its ‘layup’, cycling has its ‘chapeau’ and rugby has its ‘hookers’; all of these require special attention when translating sports content.

In addition to the technical nature of sports translation, it also requires strict compliance with international quality standards and privacy laws. Contact us today to learn how our professional translation and interpretation services can help your sports organization achieve its goals.

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